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Last VTv of the season, episode 32 here at last! With MØ, Bunny Rabbit, Chromeo, Deadcuts & more. Be seeing you.

VTv episode 31: The Animated episode! Featuring The Notwist, Pearl Jam, TTC and more. Only one more episode to go this season! 

Something to make your day musically! Baby Got back Classical edition. There’s one woman who REALLY got into it right from the jump off!

VTv Episode 30 is here! Only 2 more til seasons end. Featuring Dum Dum Girls, Temi Dollface, Animals, and more



Nouveau remix & nouvelle vidéo

Disclosure - Latch ( Version H1987 )

+9,400 views on Youtube

(via graphikh)

Pharrell’s Frontin, via Disclosure. Happy Friday y’all! Don’t forget to check out VTv ep 29, out now!

VTv Episode 29. Featuring music from Bluffing, Hadouken, Flight Facilities and more

VTv episode 28! With XXX$$$ (Xlii + Dj Sarasa), Cut, The Avalanches, Laurel and more. For music lovers

Jam packed VTv Episode 28 coming tomorrow. But before that, who likes this version of The Smashing Pumpkins “The Beginning is The End” From the watchmen movie?

No new VTv episode this weekend, but tune in next week for what should be another dose of fresh sounds. Tell your friends about us!